• March 29, 2021

Vitamix 750 – The Perfect Juice Maker

Hello, I am Helen and I am here to share my experience with you guys! I run a small smoothie café and juice center in Texas. There I made juices and smoothies for my customers. In my kitchen, the blender is the most important thing because it allows me to make juices and smoothies. I do have several blenders which I used to make juices and smoothies for my customers but in the start, they always complain about the fibers they are receiving in their juices.

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vitamix-professional-series-300-blender-c.jpgMost of the customer complaint about the blending of their smoothies and says that the smoothie is not blend well and there are fibers in their smoothies. Also, they do complain about getting plastic taste in their juices which is not good for anyone. I felt worried about my business and started thinking about the complaints and reviews of my customers. I started doing research that why my customers are getting plastic taste in their juices and I came up with the site that tells me that exact reason behind it. Most of the blenders are made up of plastic and when we use it to make juices and smoothies they release chemical in it and that was the reason my customers are getting this weird taste in their juices. So I decided to replace my blenders with the new one. But I was confused about the replacement! My friend told my about the Vitamix 750 and its features which totally reduce my confusion and I bought it for my café.

Vitamix 7500 vs 750

The blender was heavy as compare to others, and the reason behind it is that it was made of a hardened material which makes it stronger than others and its base gives it more stability. The blender has almost 0% vibration and can blend anything easily.

It has the large stainless steel blades with a power motor that give it enough force to crush and blend almost anything you put in it. Making smoothie and juices is easy in this blender because it can crush ice and any fruit without any problem.

Also, the blender has a 2 piece rubber lid that allows me to put more ingredients in it without stopping its ongoing process. The container is also big enough for me to make more smoothies at a time which increase my café servicing speed. Furthermore, the blender is compact enough to store in anywhere in the kitchen.

The Vitamix 750 also has the 10 variable speeds control with pre-programmed settings which allow me to blend my ingredients conveniently. I can walk away from the blender by setting it to the pre-programmed mode. Also, it can clean itself that saves my time.

After I started using it, all the customers of mine stop complaining about the fibers in their smoothies and juices. The complaint about the plastic-taste in their juices is now ended thanks to the Vitamix 750 container which is made up of plastic-free BPA material. My business is growing day by day and all the credit goes to the Vitamix 750 and its high processing speed and quality.

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